Sometimes you see a button TIPS. E.g. World map, level 1 has an important TIP.
That TIP explains what error we have in a standard world map: Greenland is too large if you compare it to New Guinea. In reality they are of the same size, but on any world map Greenland seems to be twice the size of New Guinea. So, the only correct representation of our planet is a globe.

What to do to make a TIP of your own? Suppose you have some good information related to the Middle East. Type the information in a text-editor (e.g. Notebook) and save the text-file as 15tip1.txt (First the number of the map, then the name TIP and last the number of the level.)
N.B. The length of each line is approx. 80 characters.

There is a panel for a photo in panarama format. (3 : 1 / maybe 1200x400)
The photo is always shown above the text. The last line of your TIP can indicate the picture you want to be shown.
In the TIP on the world map it goes like this:
N.B. No spaces beforehand and remember: Android is case-sensitve, so a capital G is a capital G.
ATLAS10 knows: after XX we find a picture.

1. Use a text-editor and name your TIP-file according to the rules.
2. Save both the TIP and the picture in the directory ATLAS10 in the root of your tablet.
3. ATLAS10 will always prefer your home made TIP. Enjoy!