ATLAS11, topography and more

The Android-app ATLAS11 has more than 20 built-in maps and a quiz of flags as well. You can play on 3 levels. Your personal score and settings are saved. (Settings: e.g. small or large signs on the maps; music yes or no, 5 Languages to choose [Dutch, English, German, French, Frysk]  etc.)
The questions in the quiz include some 700 countries, seas and cities, representing the whole world.
As in any atlas there is a register for searching Xanten or York, etc.
Important is the HELPLINE (a call for help). If you ask for help, the question marks disappear and the first letter of the asked city is shown. It costs you as little as 5 seconds playing time.

MAPS of your own?

EDIT your own TIPS?

Your own MUSIC ?



For the creative users there are a lot of possibilities:
* Self designed maps, tips and music can be added.
* In the register you can add information to any city or country. That information will be shown as any player that uses your device, asks for that city.
* If you have two or  more evenings time, you can give ATLAS11 a totally different look and content. Maybe your make-over changes the app into a cultural quiz or a quiz about nature?

Because the maps are hand-drawn by the author himself, the app can be very cheap. ($2.-)

Screen-dumps  ATLAS11:
1. On the map of North America we see some touch sensitive circles. The player pointed to Houston and Mexico City correctly.
2. The map of Randstad Holland (west of NL) The player asked for help and the first letters are shown. The letter O between Woerden and Aphen  is the Oude Rijn (Old Rhine).
3. On the map of Africa, Dakar (Senegal) and Nairobi (Kenia) are correct, but Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and  Addis Abeba (EthiopiŽ) are not.

The app is fine tuned for a lot of screen resolutions and also for a Chromebook. That looks like this: